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Marbella Property Market

Costa del Sol’s Marbella has now been for quite some time Europe’s number one hottest destinations for international property purchasers. With over 320 days per year of warmth and also sunshine, the Costa has a lot to offer starting with the most important thing, it’s unbeatable quality of life. Marbella is also famous for its most beautiful sandy beaches up and down the whole magnificient coast.

If you are a really avid golfer, Spain has become known as this European hotspot for outdoor sports. All of it’s golf courses are placed in the most stunning sceneries. Not a golfer? How about tennis or other outdoor activities, the Costa del Sol features a huge variety of activities to cater to Marbella’s crowd.

Over the previous 3 years, many UK home owners who have taken up home in Spain have risen by 40%. People are jumping at the chance to purchase property overseas around the Costa del Sol, and certainly the right time to act is right now as prices are generally realistic and not to mention; with low interest!

There are over thousands of Marbella Property for sale on the market.

Marbella has once more become a very sought after property location, with a short two
and a half hour journey from UK to Malaga’s  international airport. With the Spanish prices below many other Western destinations, a sturdy rental market will be showing huge result, with guaranteed rental of up to 3 years upon properties within Costa del Sol.

Property purchases in Spain continues being the wisest and a smart investment move within strategic geographical location. The buying process has also been made very easy and relatively simple to encourage foreign investments.

When you finally find the property you want to purchase; the agent will ask you to get a small reservation deposit. You are also required to agree upon the sales price and have a contract signed.

You will then have 1 month to arrange and come up with the 10% deposit
in the purchase sales price.

However if the seller pulls out of your sale, the vendor is usually
then legally obliged to returning double the payment in compensation.
This also works both ways and if you decide to pull out from the sale or
forfeiting, your deposit will be lost.

You are required to have your NIE, which will be issued with the National Police Station
inside the same town of the location where the property is being purchased. As a mandatory, you will have to apply for this in person.

A quick manual to costs required:

If you purchase a resale property, you may be required to
pay the Transfer Taxes which stands at 7%.

Purchasers of newly constructed properties in Spain must pay 10% VAT
once your house is complete or remains to be under construction
during the purchase agreement.

There is a 1.5% stamp duty required for the purchase.

In some other cases, when you purchase land or even commercial
property, the VAT could rise up to 16%.

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